• What an amazing conference. Thank you to all the presenters and organizers. You blew away our expectations. We learned so much and are absolutely coming back next year. And it was great to meet everyone!

  • I got home hours ago, but my husband just came up (we live above our restaurant) an hour ago. I told him just some of the things I learned at the conference and got sniffly. I also used the words "value", "process", and "appreciation" a lot. After my third time using "value" as a verb I added, "Sorry, babe. I was just at a poly conference. I'll be talking like this for awhile... oh crap! I mean, 'I appreciate you tolerating my language getting more emotional when I go to these things.' " (If you were in the emotional vulnerability class you probably understand why I rephrased it so quickly.  -)    I learned so much this weekend. Thank you so much for an amazing con with fantastic presenters. 2764

  • Thank you all for such an enlightening weekend. I learned so much about myself, my partners and my people. I feel loved!

  • Thanks to everyone for this remarkable event. A weekend with colorful people was just the thing I needed!

  • What an amazing weekend full of love with so many amazing people. I'm glad I got to spend it with all of you! The producers, the presenters and all of the great people I met. Can't wait till next year.