Wide variety for various Polyamory styles!

Stop Talking, Start Communicating: How to Identify, Establish, and Enforce Boundaries


In this facilitated discussion with -BabyBadass- and SassySubterfuge, we will dive into identification of, discussion surrounding, and enforcement of appropriate boundaries to have, as a happily and ethically non-monogamous couple dedicated to serving the community and bridging barriers to communication that we all face.

All too often in this lifestyle, we are told to “Have boundaries!” and that “Communication is everything!” without fundamental education on how to effectively do so. This class will dive into navigating those often challenging conversations, provide tools and practical examples of healthy boundaries, and techniques for enforcing boundaries when crossed.

We are an amazingly diverse community – with people of all abilities, mental health adventures, races, gender identities, sexualities, lifestyles, experiences and relationship structures – all coming to the table together. Finding shared language when it comes to our wants, needs, and desires can be a real challenge. In this class, we will seek to use those differences as a strength, and foster mindful communication.

Requirements: a willingness to seek to understand others’ experiences.

Intersectionality in Polyamory, Kink, and Mental Health Adventures 


Join -BabyBadass- and SassySubterfuge as they share personally impactful experiences and facilitate discussion surrounding the need for intersectionality in Poly, Kink, and Invisible Disability spheres. 

They will share personal anecdotes and thoughts on these topics, their own best practices as ethically poly partners, encourage and promote diverse voices to be involved in discussion, and will share raw and powerful vulnerability – their own stories. This class will take these shared lived experiences and help to offer practical strategies for navigating multi-dimensional relationships. 

Requirements: a willingness to listen and to seek to understand others’ lived experiences. Respect, transparency, honesty. The format of the class will start with presenter sharing and will open to a facilitated discussion where all voices are more than welcome.

Real World Poly 
Barak & Sheba
Polyamory can be a wonderful paradigm. A continuum from simply complimenting an existing healthy relationship all the way out to creating an intentional community. In this round-robin presentation/discussion, we will cover key points and tips for forming lasting relationships, maintaining clear communications, active and passive additions; along with the most common triggers and negative issues that can occur. We will facilitate positive and lively discussion and debate, along with a Q & A session for participants to learn more about themselves and their relationship preferences.
PanPolyBDSM – Pansexual, Polyamorous, BDSM
Barak & Sheba

All through our development, our imagemakers teach us through example and lecture, that marriage and relationship is comprised of two people who love each- other. What happens when we challenge this paradigm? Do we explode? Cease to exist? Not likely. In this class we talk about Polyamory (Poly) within the BDSM context. How to create intimate bonds with people other than a primary, for love, support, growth, healing, exploration. How to do Poly, not only without damaging the primary, but bringing more strength to it! We will discuss some of the major pitfalls and how to avoid them or overcome then when they do happen… and believe us, they do!


Argue Like a Slytherin, Apologize Like a Huffelpuff

Krista Niederjohn

Learn how to determine the aspects of your Conflict Language, and how knowing yours (and others’) can help deescalate and resolve conflicts within your relationships. We’ll use nerdy frames of reference (like your Hogwarts house) to help frame the different ways we fight … and make up.


Transitioning Relationships: A Guide to the Relationship Buffet

Krista Niederjohn

Get off that relationship escalator and start ordering a la carte instead. This discussion will explore how to make relationships work for you, not the other way around.


Fools Rush In: Inspiration for Building Non-Traditional Households

Krista Niederjohn

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating that big poly commune you’ve always dreamed of? From legal considerations to unexpected pitfalls – as well as the surprise bonuses – this workshop will help you ask the right questions, make the important decisions, and have the difficult conversations you need to get your household off on the right foot, improving your chances of long-term sustainability.

Managing Transitions in Relationships and in Life

Lisa Meece

Transitions can be overwhelming. Understanding the process people go through when things change doesn’t make it easy, but it can make it more manageable. During this session, we’ll:

  • Discuss three models for change, and talk about how they fit together;
  • Talk about liminality, and how to make it work for you; 
  • Look at the stage of change you’re currently experiencing; and
  • Reflect on the creating the life and relationships you want through the process of mindful transition.


The Circles of Sexuality

Ashley Robertson

Sexuality is complex. Using the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education curriculum, Ashley will clearly define the overlapping circles of sexuality to make it easier to identify our own identities and preferences. This will translate into more clear communication with possible potential partners.


Creating Relationship Agreements with Integrity

Alice Foeller

Far more than monogamous relationships, which come with built-in agreements (for the most part) about sexual behavior, living arrangements and attention/support, poly relationships require good agreements to succeed. Agreements are not prisons. They are simply agreements, which can be accepted, declined, or counter-offered, and can be re-negotiated when they aren’t working anymore. An example of an agreement might be no fluid exchange with consent from the nesting partner. Or it might be a more complex set of agreements around child rearing. During this session, Alice will present a framework for creating agreements with integrity that work for polyamory, and will provide examples and coach participants through creating their own agreements during the session.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Connection and Self-Love


Polyamorous people are some of the busiest around, filling their calendars with loving people and lovely adventures. Learning to practice mindfulness and meditation can help you connect more deeply with the current moment and the partner you share it with, without being caught in what came before or what you’re doing next. It can also teach you to love all parts of who you are and find compassion for the parts that are still a work in progress. This class will mix discussion with exercises to explore these concepts.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Conflict and Breakups


Polyamory is filled with so many beautiful and happy moments, but also challenging ones. Mindfulness and meditation allow you to create space and offer yourself compassion when you experience jealousy or conflict in your relationships. It can also help you cultivate positive emotions for those you might be struggling with, such as metamours or partners from a recent breakup. This class will mix discussion with exercises to explore these concepts.


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