Diversity & Inclusiveness

We’re proud to host such a vibrantly diverse community at Beyond the Love, and we’re committed to creating an inclusive and respectful space. We ask each attendee to help make this aspiration a reality. Here are some tips:

  • Listen well and be open-minded: We come to BTL at different points in our journeys, some as first-timers who are perhaps merely poly-curious, others as seasoned veterans in polyamory. All are equally welcome and valued. Be willing to learn – and to teach – with compassion, humility and patience. If someone makes a mistake, strive to be forthright, forgiving and open, rather than defensive.
  • Engage rather than avoid: Our commonalities and our differences are assets. Rather than avoid difficult conversations, engage in them. (But remember that engagement is not the same as confrontation.) Remember the power of using “I” statements and sharing stories from your own life experience.
  • Allow people to self-identify: If you’re unsure how someone wants to be identified, simply ask them, rather than making assumptions based on appearance. You can ask, “How do you identify?” or “What gender pronouns to you prefer?”
  • Be mindful of our wonderful diversity: Let people decide for themselves which bathroom they belong in. Accommodate people with different physical abilities. Move chairs to make room for people using wheelchairs, wherever they wish to sit. When navigating public spaces, leave plenty of room for people to pass and enter safely. Be willing to share the verbal space.


Special Needs/Accommodations

If you require any special needs or accommodations, please reach out to us! We want to make sure that this event is accessible to everyone. Feel free to contact us by clicking here