Beyond The Love events are created and hosted by a triad in Columbus Ohio


Karen is the former Executive Director of PolyColumbus, a thriving local poly support community. She has led poly discussion groups at lifestyle events and is an experienced speaker/facilitator in the arena of effective communications and relationship dynamics. One of her favorite speaking engagements is participating in regular poly panels for The Ohio State University. She also co-hosts the entertainment podcast “Three Thumbs Up – Entertainment from a Poly Perspective”. Karen is an HR professional during the day and in addition to being a mom and grandma, she is co-mommy to Ginger the poly puppy!


Dan has been immersed in the polyamory lifestyle for over a dozen years. Along with his wife dawn, he has been presenting across the nation at a dozen major events each year, and has taught hundreds of classes on a variety of topics. He is the co-author of two books and also co-host of the very popular Erotic Awakening internet radio show, an educational podcast that explores “all things erotic”.


dawn has lived poly for 12+ years and has a passion for sharing her life experience to educate, and support others in their quest to find their paths, heal as needed, embrace their journeys and live their dreams. As alternative clergy licensed in the State of Ohio, she performs many weddings a year as well as commitment ceremonies for same-sex and poly partners. With her husband, she has taught hundreds of classes across the nation on various alternative topics, co-authored a couple of books, co-produced a couple of events and co-hosts the Erotic Awakening internet radio show