2018 presenter line up

Some people enjoy the aspect of Beyond The Love that they can meet like-minded people and potentially find new love interests. Although that isn’t the point of Beyond The Love, we wanted to make it easy for those that want to – or don’t want to – and call this “Flirting at Beyond The Love”

Flirt Board

Just like leaving notes in someone’s locker at school, you can now meet others via the Flirt Board. If you want to receive messages from others, just create a personalized envelope on the board. And you can use provided paper to leave notes for others! Want to say hi but feeling shy? Or just want to thank someone for impacting your event? Use the Flirt Board to deliver your message!

Cupid is coming!

Nothing says “Hi” like a dart from Cupids arrow! Each “arrow” is delivered with a message of your choice by Beyond The Loves own Cupid! This is another great way to get to know someone, tell someone that you are enjoying their input in a class, or even ask someone if they would like to…well, you decide what goes in that messages!

AND new this year! Interest Ribbons!