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Andre Shakti

advice columnist at “I Am Poly(amorous) & So Can You!”

Andre Shakti is a journalist, educator, performer, activist, and professional slut living in Baltimore, MD. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously.

Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission, is the reigning polyamory pundit at her biweekly non-monogamy advice column “I Am Poly(amorous) & So Can You!”, which you can visit – and submit questions to! – via She also helms Baltimore OUTLoud’s LGBTQ+ advice column “The In & Out”​ and holds court as’s resident sexpert.

Andre frequently lectures, coaches and advises on the intersecting issues of sexual health, politics and pleasure, race, trauma, gender, sex worker rights, non-monogamy and queerness. When not working, Andre can typically be found marathoning “Law & Order: SVU” under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she knows how problematic that show is.

Class: Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball! – Flirting 101

Class: Non-Monogamy and Socio-Economic Class: Sustain Healthy Relationships within a Social Justice Framework

Kitty Chambliss

Amazon best selling author, relationship coach, and sex-positive activist

Kitty Chambliss is a #1 Amazon best selling author, relationship coach, keynote speaker, polyamorous and sex-positive activist, and founder of Loving Without Boundaries (LWB) since 2012. She is a proud member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 44 Consensual Non-monogamy Task Force. Within two years of authoring her blog, Kitty’s work received the Bad Girl Bloggers Award and now has 5,000+ followers. Within the first three weeks of production, her LWB award-winning podcast reached the status of New & Noteworthy on iTunes under the categories of Sexualityand Health. Kitty has been a contributing writer for such publications as Multiamory, Swingtowns, and PostModern Woman, with her advocacy work also featured in the books “Stories From the Polycule” and “It’s Called Polyamory: Coming Out About Your Non-monogamous Relationships.” She has given workshops around the country at conferences such as Atlanta Poly Weekend, Southwest Love Fest, the National Sex Educators Conference, and Sex Week at University of North Florida, as well as appeared as a special guest on broadcast shows and podcasts, such as CNN and PolyWeekly. Kitty is a professional certified relationship coach (ACC, CPC, and ELI-MP) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Lastly Kitty is thrilled to have brought her first book: “Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship” out in the world. Kitty has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships – even unconventional ones – attainable to everyone.

Class: Living Out Loud with Loving Without Boundaries Podcast Live Recording

Class: Boundaries, Betrayals and Breakups

Class: The Effects of “The Poly Closet” on Metamours, Ex-metamours, and Pivot Partners

Nolan Lawless

Licensed Professional Counselor, sex educator, public speaker, and polyamory advocate.

Nolan Lawless is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex educator, public speaker, and polyamory advocate. He is co-founder of Deconstructing Polyamory, through which he has presented to professional and community audiences across the United States and Canada on alternative sexuality and alternative relationship models. Nolan serves as CEU Coordinator for Loving More, a national nonprofit organization for polyamory, and is a member of the APA Division 44 Task Force on Consentual Non-Monogamy. He is owner of Mount Scott Counseling and Infinite Heart Coaching in Lawton, Oklahoma, which serve clients of diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship dynamics. Nolan and his wife are co-founders of the first polyamory support and social network in Lawton, where they live with their two very spoiled dogs, Chester and Daisy.

Class: Poly(un)saturated: Setting Time and Resource Boundaries In Polyamory

Class: Deconstructing Jealousy

Brian M. Watson

Archivist-Historian of the American Psychological Association’s Division 44 Consensual Non-Monogamy

Brian M. Watson is the Archivist-Historian of the American Psychological Association’s Division 44 Consensual Non-Monogamy, a historian of the book and sexuality, and works as an archivist at the Kinsey Institute. In information science, they research queer archives, classification, and sexual nomenclature. Historically, they are interested in long histories of sexuality, censorship, and obscenity. Brian holds BAs in English and History from Keene State College, a MA in History & Culture from Drew University, and are currently pursuing a MLIS focusing on digital and archival sexuality at Indiana University Bloomington, with plans to apply for a PhD.  They are the author of Annals of Pornographie: How Porn Became Bad and have appeared on Conan O’Brien, among other places. Brian is currently working a book on the history of sexuality between WWI and the Regan Revolution and is and is the coauthor of a book on the history of non-monogamy. Find them on twitter @brimwats.

Class: Poly(history): An Uncovering

Class: From Agamy to Zell – A History of the Modern Polyamory and CNM Movement

Krista Niederjohn

polyamorous and a relationship anarchist for about a decade

Krista (She/Her/They/Them) has identified as polyamorous and a relationship anarchist for about a decade but has practiced some form of non-monogamy her entire life. She has done extensive community work since 2013 as an Administrator and Events Coordinator for Utah Polyamory Society, gaining valuable experience in unconventional lifestyles and sexualities. This knowledge, along with her degree in acting and certification in instructional design, have helped define her role as mentor, sex positive educator, and consent advocate throughout the country. Her goal is to create a platform, through practical and instructional training, for people to have better and safer sex, grow personally and ethically, and to construct more fulfilling relationships and family structures that meet their specific needs and desires.

Class: Argue Like a Slytherin, Apologize Like a Huffelpuff

Class: Fools Rush In: Inspiration for Building Non-Traditional Households

Class: Transitioning Relationships: A Guide to the Relationship Buffet


Alice Foeller

powerhouse professional and dynamic speaker, is a business owner, community leader and nonprofit founder

Alice Foeller, a powerhouse professional and dynamic speaker, is a business owner, community leader and nonprofit founder in Columbus, Ohio. She makes her living running SiteInSight, a company that improves the web presence of organizations and businesses through design, content and efficient workflow. Alice is an advocate for equality, and was featured prominently in the Columbus Dispatch for her advocacy for a 16-year-old US citizen who was unable to obtain a state ID due to the immigration status of her mother. She founded Elevate Northland, a nonprofit project building an international shopping and dining hub in the Northland community of Columbus, so that profits from adventurous eaters will support the community of immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs that most need them.

Alice recently completed a year-long advanced communications program focused on managing teams and developing leadership through integrity, responsibility and generosity. During this program, she was chosen in her third quarter to lead her Detroit-based team. In her fourth quarter, she was selected to mentor team leaders from 26 cities around North America.

Independence, health and strength are important values for Alice, who has completed multiple marathons and an Ironman triathlon. She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Alice has two teen children with her ex-husband, with whom she has a nesting arrangement at the children’s house. With her current primary partner, she practices ethical non-monogamy.

Class: Creating Relationship Agreements with Integrity

Ashley Robertson

educator who is fed up with the idea that learning comes from a teacher

Ashley looks like an edgy, middle class white lady, but she doesn’t look like a teacher. She is a teacher. With 3 Ball State teaching degrees, she’s an educator who is fed up with the idea that learning comes from a teacher. Instead, she crafts workshops and activities that invite introspection and curiosity while accommodating for all learners. She’s at her happiest when demonstrating consent with youngsters, guiding youth into comfort surrounding condoms, and answering questions about sexuality honestly. And what about her sexuality? Ashley identifies as a feminine, bi-curious, ethically polyamourous, sexual submissive. With over a decade of experience in the BDSM scene, she isn’t shy of perverse topics. She is a liberated, ethical slut who wishes to share with others the freedom of sexuality without shame

Class: Accommodation is for Everyone

Class: The Circles of Sexuality

Lisa Meece

coach, professional cuddler, and speaker focusing on the skills that help people have more fulfilling relationships

Lisa Meece is a coach, professional cuddler, and speaker focusing on the skills that help people have more fulfilling relationships. Lisa founded Holding Space, LLC in 2016 to help individuals build their skills in personal and relationship contexts. She co-founded CuddleXpo, the first international conference for professional cuddlers, and has taught skills like communication, building healthy boundaries, creativity, and consent practices at events and as independent workshops. In addition to her coaching and cuddling work, she is an instructional designer by training and trade, which means she creates training for corporations.

She has been in a variety of ethically non-monogamous relationships over the past 15 years. When she’s not talking about relationships of various styles she’s likely to be found at local science fiction or other geek-related conventions.

Class: Managing Transitions in Relationships and in Life


thinking about all of the things that connect us together as people

Nova has been non-monogamous for 11 years and spends a lot of time thinking about all of the things that connect us together as people, the unique journey each person is on in their life, and the way that poly allows us to love others in a way that honors those things. She’s also a mom, a programmer, and her love language is music.

Class: Mindfulness and Meditation for Connection and Self-Love

Class: Mindfulness and Meditation for Conflict and Breakups

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