What is the cost?
Standard event registration is $69 for standard and $119 for VIP.

$89 (save $10 with early bird registration!) VIP registration is $139. Registration does not include lodging or food costs.

What about privacy?
We recognize how “out” you are about being polyamorous is a personal choice. Our event space is private. While in the event space, all attendees are required to wear color-coded wrist bands that indicate if they will allow their pictures to be taken by our event photographer. Other photography is prohibited in event space.

Is this a sex event? Kink event? Hook up event?
BTL is not a sex event. It is focused on education and networking. Consensual flirting is welcome, but acts of a sexual nature are not permitted in the Event Space. There are many great events with play parties. But BTL focuses on what we do outside the play space, the relationships.
While some polyamorous people are kinky, there is no BDSM play space at BTL.
BTL isn’t an event that focuses only on meeting people, but we provide opportunities for those that want to.
BTL isn’t a gaming con, but we provide nightly game space (and of course all expansions of Cards Against Humanity!)

For those that want discussions with a specific focus – leather, LGBTQ, social activism, etc. – we provide space to make BTL yours with mini-summits that focus on what is important to you!