Social Space at Beyond The Love

BYOS (bring your own summit)

The Beyond The Love staff has lined up some great classes and has created a jam packed schedule, but what about you? We have left space in the schedule for you to pick what happens at Beyond The Love! So far, volunteers have asked for space to present the following "mini-summits"

How often do you get a chance to hang out with a few hundred other poly folk? 

We make social areas - both big and more introvert friendly - a priority at Beyond The Love. After classes, you can sit around and chat with your peers and find out how they make poly work for them. And just get to meet like minded people! You'll find plenty of open chairs - plus coffee,  lemonade, and snacks - to help mix and interact with fellow poly folk! 

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registration opens Aug 1


Beyond The Love

Beyond The Love is a 3 day polyamory convention in Columbus, Ohio, held yearly. We are in our fifth year and focus on education, workshops, social activities, meeting other polyamory people, and fun!