June 16, 2018

Polyamory is about consensual multiple person loving relationships

Unconferences are attendee driven conference where content for sessions is driven by participants. Since attendees both propose and present content for the unconference, the material is relevant to what attendees want to hear about and discuss. An unconference looks like organized chaos at the beginning but by the end of the unconference you understand that there is really no chaos at all.  It is simply a different way to organize and present information that is relevant to the attendee.



9:00 AM – Doors open, register, hang out
10:00 AM – Scheduling!
10:15ish – classes start
Noonish – lunch, grab and go, free, provided by TBD
5:00 PM – Wrap up part 1!

6:30 PM – Dinner and movie! Dinner provided by a special group! More details to come

Coming in for the conference and want to meet some poly people who want to meet poly people? Our friends at the Columbus Space are hosting Poly Speed Dating!